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Short Stories


Science Fiction


The Ancient Song

Bivel Aroba is a Novus (a descendant of humans, millions of years evolved) who is about to become a homo-spatium once they complete their final mission to Earth, eons after the planet’s destruction. They meet Tegína Evigilationem, a Thermóri (a race of empaths) who is at odds with Bevel who sees no value of the recently excavated city of Paris. During their excavation they uncover an ancient gramophone that plays La vie en rose which captivates and confuses them both as it stirs up the forbidden emotion of love that has been expelled from their genetics by the infinite Green – a cross dimensional network that controls the homo-spatium. The two escape capture after stealing the gramophone then share a romantic affair in the ruins of Paris. Bivel is betrayed by their android, 12857 and is brought to the Green for judgment. He escapes and goes to the planet Sanctum Diligenti to find Tegína but is unable to survive the injury of travelling through the Green without becoming a homo-spatium. Tegína returns Bivel to 12857 who completes their transfer from a Novus to homo-spatium. Bivel awakens with their memory erased and the Green destroy Sanctum Diligenti to erase any evidence of love. It ends with Bivel humming the ancient song, La vie en rose.


Where the time leads

“I made a mistake!” Laura whispered. She tugged her long brunette hair into a tight ponytail. Deep lines delved like dried up rivers across her brow as she fought back the past. Sat on the Pullman coach heading a thousand kilometres south from her home in Santiago to Puerto Montt, she couldn't stop thinking of him, George. Sleepy vision lured her back to stare closely at the dreaded monitor of a tablet she wished had she never found. Her round amber eyes glowed in the dim light of the screen. She glazed her thin dry lips with a swipe of the tongue then she read once more.


Metro to Mars

The metro train car arrived and all on the terrestrial platform scram to force themselves on board. I, like so many, had to make the morning commute to Mars, the Plateaux Colony to be exact. (It’s the 94th station on a two-hour route to the Mars Polar Ice Caps.) Standing on the 12th station, Earth Prime – the original third planet from the sun, the morning rush hour had begun. Everyone pushed and shoved, completely disregarding the people wanting to get off. As soon as the doors opened however, nobody would let anyone get off the train. I wish the metro system was like in Japan where they had two floors, one for arrivals and the other for departures with those modern elevators. But not here, here in Buenas Santiago it was the same as it had been for five centuries.





The world blurred for Jenna as she stared out at the smooth emerald pastures from the bridge. Why is everything about control when it comes to fear? She thought, surely, it’s rational to fear death. Jenna turned her head, a flock of geese glided down over the troubled waters. She stepped up to the ledge with bungee rope wrapped around her ankles. The instructor behind tightened the cord until it dug into Jenna’s skin, ‘Are you good?’ he asked. Jenna turned a pasty white. Her steady breathing shortened. What the hell am I doing?


Conversation between

Land and Sea

On the western coast of South America as day breaks before the sun rises. SEA: ‘Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.’ LAND: ‘My goodness, is it that time to wake up already?’ SEA: ‘I’m afraid so.’ LAND: ‘Why am I all wet? Seriously Pacific you don’t need to throw water on me all the time!’ SEA: ‘I’m sorry, I just don’t like being alone.’


The Price of Happiness

“Do you promise to cherish each other. Abide by the love you now declare to one another. Through the blessings of the rings?” a robed priest stands above an old age couple in a glaringly-lit cathedral full of saints and images of religious figures. The old woman, Samantha on her knees before the alter glows. “Forever,” she says. The priest looks to Oscar, a freshly trimmed beard unveils the sinking wrinkles of his worn out face. He nods, murmuring lightly that he does. The congregation roars with applause. The two are declared faithfully reunited with the reaffirming of their vows before the church, before the eyes of God. Samantha radiates overjoyed. Her faintly dyed blond hair glistens as the burning white light passes through the stained-glass window of Judas betraying Christ for 30 pieces of silver. Samantha focuses on her three daughters and son watching from the first aisle. 'Thank you,' she mouths to them. A deep sigh is cut short at the sight of him. The one she made a deal with to make all this happiness come true. His grin grows as the applause rises to consume the room in an eternal echo. She never thought the devil could enter those sacred walls, but then again, until eight months ago when everything was falling apart, she wouldn't have believed in making a deal with the devil at all.


The Fable of the Tiger and the Hummingbird

Many seasons before seasons. In a land severed by mountains, carved by rivers and filled with hills of lush green plains stood a solitary-like crown of a bright lime leafed tree that rustled in its centre. Branches draped over a jagged dark brown trunk placed mightily in middle of vibrant purple and yellow blooming flowers. Flowers bearing rare succulent nectar which only a few orange bees could gather, and fewer long-beaked hummingbirds could reach.


Life Writing


Breaking Free

Moments that change your life are never singular. They are the flapping of wings that pick you up, an inch at a time before you take flight into a new stage of your life. I sat cross-legged on the beach as if in meditation while the spray of the salted surf tingled my lips. The mighty Pacific Ocean breathed in, then sighed a whisper of its harmonious tale, a song of calm and struggle. I didn't hear it, but I felt it knowing that I face a choice, a crossroads: Do I start a new life in Chile, or do I go back to the UK and continue where I left off? ....


The Last Winter

The last winter was one of discontent. Don’t worry; I won’t quote Shakespeare or anything, well maybe a little at the end, anyway I will acknowledge how I was broken at that time. There was one day, a weekday, in the middle of that dreadful season after Christmas, I recall when I stood at the centre of the Circus, a roundabout at the top of a hill under an ancient tree; its leaves plucked themselves off like feathers, its roots thrust into the earth and blackened branches like wrinkled fingertips held the heavens aloft as if it were alone the titan, Atlas.




A Miraculous Reunion

Sussie Bennet's eyes widened in disbelief and she closed her book abruptly. Her silver brown eyes glared in astonishment as Troy Cox stood in front of her at the airport. He noted her stunned look and remained bashful in his greeting. 'It’s me, remember, Troy Cox from high school?' How could she forget? Sussie put her book down and slowly rose up. Troy stood tall wearing a pair of black striped trousers with an untucked, chequered blue shirt. She gawked and shook her head. “How can I forget?” her thoughts finally escaping her mouth. She couldn't control her tears. 'Oh god,' Troy said, 'I didn't mean to statle you.' He placed his hands on her tense shoulders and looked around the lounge. The room felt cold and barren. 'I just thought,' -she muttered – 'I mean after what happened, we all thought you - ” She shifted from side to side then paused, praying that he didn't remember that Sussie Bennet was the reason for Troy's tragic accident all those years ago.


Forbidden Love by Moonlight

The evening mass ended. Under the arch of the entrance to the 17th-century church Father Jacob stood along with the deacon and voluntary assistants who gracefully thanked each member of the congregation reminding each of today’s sermon; the importance of family and education. Dr Peter Milton forced himself passed a pair of elder citizens firmly clasping the priests hand to thank him for the wonderful service. Behind him, his daughter Christina, a girl of twenty-two with pale white skin, silky ginger hair. Her bright blue eyes glowed as Dr Milton reached for her to proudly display how righteous and pure she was to Father Jacob. “God bless you,” he told Dr Milton who crossed Christina’s brow with the tips of his fingers. Christina smiled, her father went on to explain how as a single father he had followed Father Jacob’s doctrine and how his daughters were the finest in the community. Many fellow members of the community glared at her as he stepped down the church entrance into the courtyard emitting a holy presence. After she passed the onlookers, Christina clenched her fists to conceal the tearing pain raging in her chest.

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