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Endless Horizon


Endless Horizon 

After researching a mysterious article regarding her estranged father's disapearance, the young journalist Joanna Faye travels to the south of Chile to unravel not only her own personal history but revealing the truth hidden beneath us since the dawn of time that may end us all.

Meanwhile, a team of archaeologists led by Oliver de Rio race against to clock to prevent his old rival, Wilfred from 

discovering the secret if what lies at the heart of the Hollow Earth.



2 minute read

A burning sweat blurred Daniel's vision in the small plane’s cockpit. 'Hold on, Pedro,' he cried. Gunfire shrieked past his ear, drowning out his plea. Pedro shared a final smile and glanced out the broken window to the clear turquoise sky.

              Leaks of oil oozed from the bullet holes pierced by the retreating jets that gave up their pursuit. A loud chattering on the wing grabbed Daniel's attention. The propeller stalled.  'Please hold on,' he prayed. The engine on the other wing jittered and cut out.

              A serene unnatural silence passed throughout the cockpit. Daniel clutched onto the steering wheel and pulled back to level the gliding aircraft. It retaliated, jolted left, and then abruptly nose-dived towards the barren Antarctic icescape.

              'Pedro?' Daniel choked. He reached out to Pedro's stretched-out body. A striking pain from an unseen bullet in his forearm pulled it away in agony. He screamed and brought his hand back to the wheel and pulled harder to stabilize the spinning plane over Shackleton Ridge. ‘Don’t give up on my Pedro,’ he shouted. ‘We're so close.'

              The endless marble-like plain blurred into a sheet of paper beneath them. Daniel blinked, unleashing a stream of tears that iced up under his goggles.


Unable to swallow the bitterness of his disappointment, the descent lasted longer than expected. He had faced his fate more than once before but cheated it, either by luck or cunning. Daniel never imagined this would have been it for him, but at the same time, he wouldn’t have had it any other way. He smiled, listening to the icy gales whistle from all angles a soft funerary march acknowledging his coming demise. He took a final deep breath and tugged the gears with all his strength remaining.

The nose lifted slightly. The plane slapped the surface, sliding into a roll and tearing up ice flakes. A wing ripped off while the other slammed and skidded the aircraft to a halt.

The endless plain of silence had a tiny dent from where the aircraft crashed. They were lucky to have gotten this far, it was further than anybody else ever had. The desolate landscape froze everything mercilessly and the cockpit filled with snow within a few minutes.

Daniel raised his head. His children, his riches, his life, all became a culmination of events that led him to this moment where in the distance, beyond the ice-covered land, a sharp glare of an unknown light source shot at him. 'We made it,’ he said, smiling at Pedro. ‘We’re beyond the wall.'

To be Continued...

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