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First Chapters of Unpublished Novels


Winds of War

Moments that change your life are never singular. They are the flapping of wings that pick you up, an inch at a time before you take flight into a new stage of your life. I sat cross-legged on the beach as if in meditation while the spray of the salted surf tingled my lips. The mighty Pacific Ocean breathed in, then sighed a whisper of its harmonious tale, a song of calm and struggle. I didn't hear it, but I felt it knowing that I face a choice, a crossroads: Do I start a new life in Chile, or do I go back to the UK and continue where I left off? ....


Endless Horizon

Madison never wanted anything to do with her father’s unhealthy obsession with proving the world was flat until her estranged brother Roald asks for her help to go and find him. Reluctant at first, Madison goes in search of her missing father after Roald disappears too and gets caught up in a conspiracy beyond their wildest understanding about not only the shape of the planet but the very history of the universe itself. Chasing fables and solving riddles Madison meets a Russian scientist the locals call Gorbachev who takes her to the edge of map where an undiscovered land awaits that is ancient and unbelievable to everyone’s rational explanation of science. The world would never be the same again as Madison and Gorbachev come face to face with a sinister perpetrator that has manipulated the human race since the very inception of civilization along with the manipulation of the rising diabolic faction whose grasp on humanity is about to show its ugly face. The race to unravel the truth is no longer out of curiosity but survival.


Aura Absorber

If there was every any doubt that auras are real, Allister diminishes it. Reading people is difficult, but with the right gifts, it’s simple enough to find those who are pure of heart. Unless they’re so good at masking their aura that even the best get fooled. Best friends, Allister and Gael, embark on a virtual adventure to find the truth of their bad luck to find that it isn’t quite a coincidence. After many years apart they become inseparable again.  Until Perla comes along. Tasked with stealing her aura, Allister knows it’s not right anymore and does everything he can to protect and train her while they’re both being hunted. In a world where the truth can be anything, and lies mean nothing, peace will prevail. Wars are waged and lost friends and family are joined again by tragedy. When hope is all lost, it is given again through kindness and determination.


Hollow Earth

After researching a mysterious article regarding her estranged father's disapearance, the young journalist Joanna Faye travels to the south of Chile to unravel not only her own personal history but revealing the truth hidden beneath us since the dawn of time that may end us all. Meanwhile, a team of archaeologists led by Oliver de Rio race against to clock to prevent his old rival, Wilfred from  discovering the secret if what lies at the heart of the Hollow Earth.

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